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Ozone Clean Technologies (OCT) is a minority-owned engineering company with proprietary technology bringing water purification and ozone based food and general disinfection systems to the burgeoning "green" marketplace. OCT products utilize ozone dissolved in water, as well as gaseous ozone, for food safety and other disinfection applications. In contrast to the few companies operating in the food safety and disinfection space, OCT is focused on delivering an industry changing engineering solution at a cost effective basis. OCT water purification units provide inexpensive solutions wherever clear water is needed around the world. Our patented purification units meet WHO/EPA guidelines for clean drinking water and have been successfully tested in emergency situations, including the aftermath of hurricane Katrina in Puerto Rico.



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Ozone Clean Technologies uses this “green” technology, ozone infused water as well as air systems, as a 100% organic way to clean, sanitize, and replace conventional chemical-based methods. By harnessing the naturally powerful cleaning properties of ozone, our chemical-free systems reduce sanitation time, labor costs, hot water consumption and harmful chemicals. Our water purification systems create clean water anywhere in the world.

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